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China In-Process Inspection - REASONS

  China Glass Mosaic Tile Inspection

   China Aluminum Casting Defect
    China Garment Inspection Dropped Stitch Defect


Why you would decide to invest in an In-Process Inspection:


arrow bullet If you have goods that need to be completed by a certain date (want to avoid 

    shipping delays);

arrow bullet You need to ensure that the company follows and uses  and uses and agreed 

    Quality Assurance plan;

arrow bullet The materials and components quality is important to have verified (possibly 

    perform lab testing);
arrow bullet Ensure the factory agreed upon is performing the production (not out-sourced to 

    an inferior company);

arrow bullet Inspecting raw materials and components to your criteria.

arrow bullet Check any first article production samples;
arrow bullet Assess the workforce capability;

An In-Process Inspection will help ensure that that your shipment will not be delayed with rework or missed production goals.



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We inspect most hardgoods and softgoods. We have much experience in furniture, garments, machinery, gifts, sporting goods, shoes, aluminum and steal products, ... Please contact us for more details.




Sample Reports:


checkFurniture Report

checkHard Goods Report

checkGarments Report

checkFactory Audit Report

checkLoading Supervision


We are flexible to meet your needs. If you need a specific report style we can accommodate. These are our standard report templates. (Recent report examples available upon request.)




Report Templates:


checkPreproduction Report

checkIn-Process Report

checkFinal Inspection

checkFactory Audit


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We are in constant need of reputable and professional inspectors.

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Western Engineers, Inspectors or Representatives available in China to protect your interests.
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