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China Factory Audit - REASONS

  China Factory Audit Wuhan Steel

   China Factory Audit Guangdong Bed Factory
    China Factory Audit Furniture Factory


Why perform a factory audit:

arrow bullet Where is the factory located? (sourcing/export agents may be located far

    away from the factory where the goods are produced)

arrow bullet Do they have a functioning up-to-date Quality Control/Assurance plan? 

arrow bullet Can it handle the quantities required?
arrow bullet What is factory production capacity?
arrow bullet What is the capability of the workforce?
arrow bullet Is there a factory? (Is it: a real registered factory? or simply a trading agent? is it
    subcontracting to other factories?)

arrow bullet If you think that any of those questions were irrelevant, you might be surprised!

At this early stage in the business relationship, you need to be certain that the factory is real, capable and can fulfill the order within the deadline and meet your required quality level.

Bullet FACTORY AUDIT - What We Will Do 


Factory Audit Reports
Factory Audit Templates
Factory Audit - WHO?


We perform factory audits across China and work hard to protect your interests. We will spend time on the areas that matter most to you. If you prefer we can send a qualified Western Representative at this important stage to represent your company's interests. 




Sample Reports:


checkChina Factory Audit


This is our standard China Factory Audit report template. We are flexible to meet your needs. If you need a specific report style or need additional information we will gladly accommodate.  We will invest more time and attention on the areas that concern you.




Report Template:


checkChina Factory Audit


Retailers and importers wishing to evaluate the overall performance of a current vendor/factory or pre-qualify a newly considered supplier in terms of capacity and capability use this service to ensure that this factory is audited and evaluated by independent on-site inspection and assessments.


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